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The details

FOVEA is the result of a research into the interplay between colored lost-wax cast glass and light. Depending on glass thickness, relief and point of view, light creates unique effects in and around the sconces. The bubbles and veils that appear randomly during the glass firing process further enhance the uniqueness of each piece. The wax shapes needed to produce the lightings are made in Garnier & Linker’s workshop before being handed over to the glass workshop, which transforms them into solid glass pieces. The resolutely sculptural pieces are set in aluminum frames and presented in three finishes.


Glass: transparent, grey, straw yellow (SY), orange (O), champagne (C), yellow orange (YO), dark honey (DH), brown grey (BG), light blue (LB) or light green (LG).

Structure: black patinated, gunmetal or chromed aluminum.

LED strip at 2700K. Up to 1625/m lumens.

Each piece is numbered and signed.

Custom dimensions available.


W 20cm x D 11cm x H 30cm.

W 7.9in x D 4.3in x H 11.8in.


W 20cm x D 11cm x H 50cm.

W 7.9in x D 4.3in x H 19.7in.

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