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Hyejeong Kim

2022 Korea Craft Prize Winner

Awarded by the Ministry of Culture, and the Korea Craft and Design Foundation.

Hyejeong Kim is the winner of this year's Craft Prize in the creative category awarded by the Ministry of Culture, and KCDF. Based on her illustrious research and artistic experiments, she has been striving for the development of ceramics as a Contemporary Art form. Her artwork is widely renowned not only by ceramic art experts but also admired by the public for its simplicity in the sophisticated lines resulting and the tranquil beauty of the subtle tones of glazes she has developed through many years of study.


Exploring themes such as the circulation of the earth, the rediscovery and recovery of an environmentally friendly lifestyle all whilst looking ahead towards the future, she has made a significant contribution to the recognition of Korean craft internationally through her various activities and exhibitions, including being selected as a finalist for the Loewe Craft Prize 2020.

Hyejeong Kim's ceramics are one-off pieces that will never be duplicated. A great investment given the artist's accolades. Please enquire for bespoke commissions.

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Ancient Fire

고대의 불


D180mm x H310mm

D7.1in x H12.2in



Left :

D310mm X H450mm

D12.2in x H17.7in

Right :

D300mm X H450mm

D11.8in x H17.7in

Weathering Earth

풍화된 땅


D450mm x H230mm

D17.7in x H9in