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long table k22

The details

Our KITAYAMA collection features distinctive, luxury, and timeless furniture made from the finest Kitayama cedar. This forest has been carefully and traditionally grown for 600 years in northern Kyoto to get a straight trunk without any knots. It is typically used for building tea houses due to its naturally bumpy grain, which is hidden underneath its bark. Each piece in the KITAYAMA collection is a statement of Japanese heritage and craftsmanship and is perfect for anyone looking to add an elegant touch to their home decor.


Feet in natural or stained Kitayama cedar.

Top in oak (natural or stained) or stone.

Kitayama and oak: natural, black stained, dark oak stained,

mahogany stained. Satin varnish.


Stone: emperador marble, black granite from Zimbabwe,

navona travertine, rosso travertine, ceppo di gre, breccia

viola or breccia aurora.


Each piece is numbered and signed.

Custom dimensions are available.


L 290cm x D 130cm x H 75cm.

L 114.2in x D 51.2in x H 29.5in.

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